Concept: Artemide becames a pop icon

This year’s exhibition stems from a creative process that starts from the middle of the 1st century B.C. and points to the future. An exhibition that has its roots in the ancient world and grows up to “discover”, under a different light, the meaning of artistic production in the classical and contemporary periods. A path in which the current feeling fully enters the process of transformation.

Yes, because every person who approaches Artemis will be able to appreciate the delicate beauty of the goddess, multiplied by all the copies of the same that are existing today, fruit of the reworking of archaic schemes with new sensibility and eclectic taste of the archaic style.

We want to bring the visitor to dive, to feel not only an active observer, but the protagonist of the exhibition.

The journey becomes a collective and subjective journey at the same time, where the material and the concrete of marble lose their certainty and are transferred to the metaverse, thanks to the unique creativity of each: a new aesthetic possibility of hypertexts and new experiences in the making, with Pop notes.

Everything unfolds between the generative visual arts of the past and the digital arts that will allow you to live an amazing, transcendent and imaginative experience.

Let’s st(art)! Enjoy your museum!