Territory of Chiusi – Unknown finding spot

Terracotta (mid 3rd c. B.C.)

Fragments from lids of cinerary urns

    1. Arm with a small dish (patera)

    2. Bust of a youth with garland


Fine impasto ware

    1. Small flask (2nd -1st c. B.C.)

    2. Oil lamp (2nd -3rd c. B.C.)

Etruscan black-figure pottery (6th– 5th c. B.C)

5) Amphora neck


Bucchero (last quarter 6th c. B.C.)

6) Bowl with engraved alphabet (from Roselle or Chiusi)


Territory of Volterra – Unknown finding spot

Fine impasto pottery (late 2nd – early 1st c. B.C.)

7) Krater and overpainted fragments from krater