ROSELLE –Roman Forum Area –

Finds from Late Antique- Early Medieval contexts –

(3rd – 7th c. A.D.)

Kitchen pottery

1) Ollae (pots)

Common pottery

2) Fragm. of bowl-lid with impressed rope decoration

3) Jugs with trefoil mouth (3rd – 4th c. A.D.)

4) Fragm. of basin with inscription: “C. ATONIUS

MAXSUMU(S) COLLEGIO” (4th – 5th c. A.D.)

Italic Sigillata (red-slip ware)

5) “a listello” bowl (530 – 600 A.D.)

6) Bowls (4th – 5th c. A.D.)

7) Jugs (6th – 7th c. A.D.)

8) Fragm. of cups and jugs with overpainted and impressed decoration (3rd c. A.D.)

9) Fragm. of dishes

Imitation of African Sigillata (red-slip ware)

10) Cup with overpainted decoration

(330 – 400 A.D.)

Impasto pottery

11) Oil lamp of Firmalampe type (3rd – 4th c. A.D.)

Glazed pottery

12) Fragm. of tankard with impressed decoration

Glass paste

13) Fragm. of bracelet (armilla) with ribbed decoration