ROSELLE –Roman Forum area –

Finds from Late Antique-

Early Medieval contexts (3rd– 7th c. A.D.)

Pottery with drops of red glaze

1) Jugs and a listello type pot (4th – 7th c. A.D.)

2) Fragm. of bottle neck

Italic sigillata (red-slip ware)

3) Fragm. of small olla (pot) and bowl

4) Jug with engraved decoration

African sigillata (red-slip ware)

5) Amphora neck with stamp: “SPES IN DEO”

(4th c. A.D.)

6) A listello type bowl-lid

7) Fragm. of dishes with impressed decoration

8) Cup with relief decoration depicting an Emperor riding

a quadriga (375 – 430 A.D.)

9) Body shard with relief decoration depicting a dancer

(350 – 430 A.D.)

10) Fragm. of bowl with impressed decoration

11) Bowl with engraved decoration: “VIRP”

African kitchen pottery

12) Bowl-lid


13) Elements dated to the Imperial Period selected to be

melted for reuse

14) Coin

15) Appliqué shaped as bust of Serapis

16) Slave collar with inscription : “(FUGI) TENE

(ME)” = I fled, keep hold of me (4th c. A.D.)

17) Bracelets (armille)


18) Key

Bone and Ivory

19) Decorative pieces

20) Writing boards

21) Pendants and hair pin

22) Little spoons

23) Hair pin shaped as a female bust

24) Writing implements (stili) and needles

25) Playing dices