ROSELLE – Roman Forum area –

Finds from Late Antique-Early Medieval contexts

(3rd – 7th c. A.D.)

Sigillata (red -slip ware) (4th – 7th c. A.D.)

1) African oil lamp with Christian monogram

2) Imitation of African oil lamp

Bronze (5th– 7th c. A.D.)

3) Bracelet

Terracotta (6th – 7thc. A.D.)

4) Spindle whorl

ROSELLE –Northern Hill

Bronze (5thc. A.D.)

5) Jug

ROSELLE – Slopes of the Northern Hill– Christian Cemetery (layers of reworked graves)

Pottery with drops of red glaze

6) Fragm. of jugs and dish

Bronze (3rd – 6th c. A.D.)

7) Piece from a belt, cloak fastening needle and pin

8) Votive hand


9) Fragm. of shield enarmes, stirrup and coin

10) Studs and nails for wooden trunks


11) Pin and small lid

ROSELLE – Slopes of the Northern Hill –

Christian Cemetery

Tomb SU 3514 (10th – 11th c. A.D. ?)

12) Bronze ring with bezel

Tomb SU 5045 (6th – 7th c. A.D.)

13) Bone comb, bronze bracelets, earthenware spindle whorl, glass paste necklace, amber and bronze

Tomb SU 1240 (7th c. A.D.)

14) Glazed spindle whorl

Tomb SU 5047 (7th c. A.D.)

15) Buckle and bronze coin

Tomb SU 1116 (6th – 7th c. A.D.)

16) Bronze pin and iron shoe buckle

Tomb SU 5055 (uncertain dating)

18) Iron ring with bezel

Tomb SU 5028 (6th – 7th c. A.D.)

19) Small bronze knives

Tomb SU 5051 (6th – 7th c. A.D.)

20) Fragm. of bracelet, small spatula and bronze coin

Tomb SU 5007 (6th – 7th c. A.D.)

21) Silver and bronze basket earrings, bronze cross brooch with iron nails, bone comb, coin

Tomb SU 5094 (6th – 7th c. A.D.)

22) Iron and bronze stud

Tomb SU 5087 (7th c. A.D.)

23) Bronze and glass paste noose earrings, bone comb

Tomb SU 1284 (second half 7th c. A.D.)

24) Sword (sax), iron embellishment of the sword-belt

decorated with silver and copper, small iron knife, iron

striker for flint, bronze pin from the sword sheath, iron


Finds from the abandonment phase of the cemetery

25) Jug handle (10th – 13th c. A.D.)

26) Coins (11th – 12th c. A.D.)