ROSELLE – Poggio Mosconcino

Archaic majolica (mid 14th – first half 15th c.)

1) Decorated basin depicting a male figure in front of a building,

dish fragment

Acroma grezza (unpainted coarse) and glazed pottery (14th – 15th sec.)

2) Small olla (cooking pot), lids and testo (bread cooker)

Acroma depurata (unpainted fine) ware (13th – 15th c.)

3) Handle from small amphora with four dented wheel stamps,

and orciolo (jar) with comb decoration

Archaic majolica (mid 14th – first half 15th c.)

4) Fragm. of jugs

Iron (13th c.)

5) Key

6) Knife blade, one of which with damascening

7) Horse and mule horseshoe

8) Buckles

ROSELLE – Poggio Moscona – Castello di Montecurliano


9) Coins (12th – 16th c. A.D.)

10) Ring with bezel


11) Devotional medals


12) Mezzo Giulio coin of Francesco I Medici,

Grand duke of Tuscany (1574 – 1587)


13) Three quattrini coin from Pisa (1682)


14) Devotional medal, on the front: Madonna of Loreto,

on the back Saint Venantius (18th – 19th c.)

ROSELLE – Southern Hill – Roman cistern

Archaic majolica (mid 14th – first half 15th c.)

15) Fragm. of jug and basin

Ingubbiata e graffita (egobed and engraved) ware (end 14th – 16th c.)

16) Fragm. of open-shape pots

Relief “zaffera” ware (first half 15th c.)

17) Fragm. of jugs

Polychrome majolica (end 15th –16th c.)

18) Fragm. of dishes, bowls and jug

White majolica (18th c.)

19) Jug

Montelupo majolica (14th – 16thc.)

20) jug

Sienese majolica (end 16th – beginning 17th c.)

21) Fragm. of decorated dish depicting a dolphin twisted around an


Glazed pottery (17th c.)

22) Jug and chamber pot

Slip Ware (17th – 18th c.)

23) Fragm. of small cooking pots and pan

Terraglia nera (black-glazed) ware (second half 18th– 19th c.)

24) Fragm. of close-shape pots

Maculata (spotted) ware (18th– 19th c.)

25) Flask

ROSELLE Slopes of the Northern Hill Traces of a bivouac


26) Devotional medal. On the front: bust of Pius V,

on the back: Saint Messalina.

Production from (16th c.)