NOMADELFIA – Villanovan necropolis

(9th c. B.C.)

Impasto pottery

1) Cinerary urns

2) Olla (pot)

3) Cinerary urns with bowl-lids

4) Fragm. of bowl-lid

5) Spindle whorl


6) Bow elements from brooches (fibulae)

7) Fragm. of pendant

CAMPAGNATICO – Manzinello di Sotto

Well type” pit tomb (end 8th – beginning 7th c. B.C.)


8) Sanguisuga cava type brooches (fibulae) with small


9) Elements from horse trapping

10) Bow brooch (fibula)

Impasto pottery

11) Single handled bowl

12) Cup and fragm. of cups with ribbed decoration

13) Small olla (pot)