VETULONIA – Secondo circolo delle Pellicce (circle


(End 8th – 7th c. B.C.)


1) Small bucket (situla) and handles of small bucket

2) Cups

3) Bucket (situla) of central European production

4) Spit

5) Phalerae and wheel-shaped pendants for horses

6) Buckle and pendant

7) Spear butt cap

8) Hub of a cart shaft

9) Studs

Buccheroid impasto pottery

10) Bowls


11) Large cup with decoration of ribbing (kantharos)

12) Handles with stamped decoration, rope pattern and

bird-shaped appliqués, pieces from large vases


13) Cup-shaped ladle (kyathos) with rope pattern

14) Cup

15) Small cups (kantharoi)

16) Spindle whorls


17-18) Sanguisuga-type brooches (fibulae)

19) Dragon-type brooch (fibula)

20) Bow brooches (fibulae) with covering elements

21) Rhomboid bow brooch (fibula)