VETULONIA – Secondo circolo delle Pellicce (circle tomb)

(End 8th – 7th c. B.C.)


22) Vessels-holder and small bucchero cup-shaped ladles (kyathoi)

23) Pieces from horse trapping

24) Cap helmet

25) Small chains

26) Horse bits

27) Incense burner


28) Dragon-type brooch (fibula)


29) Necklace beads shaped as a scarab

Glass paste

30) Necklace beads and sanguisuga-type brooches


MARSILIANA D’ALBEGNA –Banditella necropolis

Pit tomb X (First half 7th c. B.C.)


1) Feet of tripod

2) Inscribed feet of tripod

3) Spits

4) Small welding studs

5) Covering elements for furniture

6) End part of a cart shaft

7) End-piece

8) Covering element shaped as a bull head

9) Pieces of horse trapping

10) Rhomboid bow brooch (fibulae)

11) Bow brooches with amber covering and pendant

12) Grater

Gold and Silver (Electrum)

13) Dragon-type brooch (fibula)


14) Small chain

MARSILIANA D’ALBEGNA –Banditella necropolis

Pit tomb XI (First half 7th c. B.C.)


15) Necklace beads

Glass pasta and bone

16) Necklace beads


17) Small brooch (fibula) shaped as a deer

18) Buckles shaped as horse head

19) Weaving forks

20) Navicella-type and rhomboid bow brooches (fibulae)

21) Ring

Italo-geometric pottery

22) Perfume jar (aryballos) with linear decoration