MAGLIANO IN TOSCANA – S.Maria in Borraccia

Tomb A (mid 7th – beginning 6th c. B.C.)

Buccheroid impasto pottery

1) Cup (kantharos) with two handles

Etrusco-Corinthian pottery

2) Jugs (oinochoai)

3) Cups (kylikes)

4) Cup (kylix). Rosoni cycle group,

White spot Painter

5) Basin


6) Jugs (olpai)

7) Cups (kantharoi) with two handles

8) Jug with trefoil mouth (oinochoe)

9) Cups (kylikes)

10) Small cup on a high foot

11) Calyx

12) Handle of cup-shaped ladle (kyathos)

with depiction of the “Lady of beasts”

13) Fragm. of cup with stamped floral decoration

Red impasto pottery

14) Olla (pot) with impressed decoration

Brown impasto pottery

15) Amphora handle, neck decorated with engraved depiction of birds.

16) Spindle whorl


17) Spear-head