Val Beretta necropolis – Pit tomb n. 14

(About 650 – 575 B.C.)

Red impasto pottery

1) Olla (pot) with a lid

2) Large cup (kantharos)

3) Small tankard (poculum)

Buccheriod impasto pottery

4) Large cup kantharos)

5) Olla (pot)

6) Carinated bowl

7) Calyx

8) Bowl with fragm. of bronze dish

9) Cup (kylix)

10) Cup shaped ladle( kyathos)

11) Fragm. of olla (pot) with circle design


12) Cup-shaped ladles (kyathoi)

Etrusco-Corinthian pottery

13) Small cup on a high foot

14) Perfume jars (aryballoi)


15) Vessels-holder

16) Fragm. of a firedog and of a spit

17) Knife and spear butt cap


18) Jug handle

Attic red-figure pottery

(second half 5th c. B.C.)

19) Cup (kylix) with male figure

20) Fragm. of vase decorated with relief female head