MAGLIANO – Poggio Bacchino Necropolis –

Chamber tomb with two rooms

(7th– first half 6th c. B.C.)

Impasto pottery

1) Carinated bowl and calyxes

2) Olla (pot)

3) Handles of stamnoid ollae (pots)

4) Small olla with pierced grips and engraved decoration

5) Spindle whorls


6) Small jug with trefoil mouth (oinochòe)

7) Cup with two handles (kàntharos)

8) Cup shaped ladle decorated with frieze depicting

centaurs and sphinx


9) Spear head and spear butt cap


10) Bracelets (armillae)

Impasto pottery

11) Small olla (pot)

12) Bowl and footed cup

13) Cup with one handle

14) Small ollae (pots)

Italo-geometric pottery

15) Cup and two-handled drinking cup (skyphos)

16) Dishes


17) Two-handled drinking cups (kàntharoi) with fans


18) Jug with trefoil mouth (oinochòe)

19) Handle from cup-shaped ladle (kyathos) decorated

with a female figure

20) Carinated cup

SOVANA – Monte Rosello necropolis –

Chamber Tomb 14

(mid 7th –first quarter 6th c. B.C.)

Impasto pottery

21) Stamnoid olla (pot)

22) Small olla

23) Spindle whorls

Outside of the showcase

Etruscan transport amphora

Production from Vulci