VETULONIA – Circolo Piccolo n.50 (circle tomb)

(second half 8th – beginning 7th c. B.C.)


1) Horse bit with plaque-shaped cheekpieces

2) Horse bit with triangle-shaped cheekpieces

POGGIO ALLA GUARDIA – Costiaccia Bambagini –

(Last quarter 8th– first half 7th c. B.C.)


3) Bracelets (armillae)

4) Handles of small bucket (situla)

5) Weaving fork

PIETRE BIANCHE – Sagrona – Pietrera – 1907 excavation


(7th c. B.C.)

6) Vessels-holder

7) Handle of small bucket (situla)

8) Piece of horse trapping

9) Ring-shaped braid clip

10) Spits

Etrusco-Corinthian pottery

(beginning 6th c. B.C.)

11) Perfume jars (aryballoi)

12) Perfume jars (alabastra)


(end 8th –beginning 7th c. B.C.)

13) Necklaces

14) Necklace pendant shaped as a scarab

Faience (end 8th –beginning 7th c. B.C.)

15) Amulet representing Bes, Egyptian god

considered as the protector of infants in the cradle

PIETRE BIANCHE – Sagrona – Seconda buca

Bronze (first half 7th c. B. C.)

16) Cap helmet



17) Handles of small bucket (situla)

18) Weaving fork

19) Fragm. of vessel


20) Fragm. of necklace clip