SATURNIA – Sterpeti Necropolis – Chamber tomb

(End 7th -6th c. A.D.; reused in 5th c. B.C.)

Attic black-figure pottery (500-490 B.C.)

1) Amphora belonging to the “Group of Small Neck-


2) Amphora by “Red-Line Painter”

3) Jug (oinochoe) by “Painter of Vatican G 49”

4) Eye-cup (kilyx) belonging to the “Leafless Group

Etruscan red-figure pottery

5) Amphora belonging to the “Group of Munich 892” (beginning 5th c. B.C.

6) Amphora by the “Workshop of the Micali painter” (500 B.C.)

Etrusco-Corinthian pottery

7) Perfume jar (aryballos)


8) Calyx on a high foot

9) Small dish with inscription of ownership: MI


10) Small plates on a high foot

11) Spindle whorl

Overpainted red-figure pottery

13) Amphora belonging to the “Six’s technique group” (510 B.C)

12) Amphora belonging to the “Praxias Group” (480-460 B.C.)

Attic red figure pottery

14) Drinking cup depicting an owl (glaux) (450-425 B.C.)

Attic black glazed pottery

15) Drinking cup (glaux) (450 B.C.)

16) Ointment jar (lekythos) (430 B.C.)

17) Cups (kilykes) (470-450 B.C.)

Painted pottery

18) Miniature amphora (end 6th -beginning 5th c. B.C.)

19) Drinking cup (skyphos) (end 6th c. B.C.)

20) Small plates and small cup

Impasto pottery

21) “Ionic (Marseille type)” amphora (6th– 5th c. B.C.)

Gold, amber and bone

22) Pieces from necklace and pieces used as ornament