ROSELLE – Roman Forum area– House with enclosure

(2nd / 3rd quarter 7th c. B.C.)

Impasto pottery

1) Loom weights

2) Spools with stamped decorations and spindle whorls

3) Cup-shaped ladle (kýathos) and cup with decoration of


4) Fragm. of dolium rim with gift inscription:


I was gifted by Venel Rapales to Laivena

5) Cup shaped ladles (kýathoi) with stamped decoration and

small dish on a high foot

6) Cup with decoration of ribbing and stamped decoration

Etruscan-geometric pottery

7) Vase support (holmos)


8) Fragm. of calyx with relief decoration of a winged


9) Cup and small cup

Impasto pottery

10) Dish-lid with stamped palmette pattern

11) Large lid with sculptural handle

12) Fragm. of tripod

13) Kiln furniture


ROSELLE – Votive deposit

(6th c. B.C.)

Impasto pottery

14) Olla (pot) bottom with dedicatory inscription:

AISER = To gods

15) Bowl-lids

16) Small cup with painted linear decoration

17) Small cups and small dish

Black and grey bucchero

18) Jug with round mouth (olpe) decorated with small

sculptural lions on the rim

19) Fragm. of small bowls with inscription on the bottom

20) Miniature vases