ROSELLE – Southern Hill– Temple terrace

(6th c. B.C.)

Black and grey bucchero

1) Small cup

2) Cup shaped ladle

3) Miniature vases

4) Spool decorated with stamped decoration

5) Small lids

6) Handle decorated with sculptural head

7) Rotating mould with reconstructed handle

Impasto pottery

8) Small olla (pot)

9) Bottom fragment of a strainer

10) Fragm. of dolium with inscription: TINA = to Jupiter

Black-figure pottery

  1. Fragm. of Laconian (from Sparta) cup depicting a warrior

Greek-Oriental pottery

  1. Perfume vase (alàbastron) shaped as a female bust.

Production from Samo (530-520 B.C.)

Etruscan black-figure pottery

13) Cup (kantharos). Production from Vulci.

Pontic Group (ca. 520 B.C.)

Attic red-figure pottery

14) Fragm. of cup (kylix) with reclining male figure (510-500 B.C.)


15) Fragm. of perfume vase (alàbastron)


ROSELLE – Northern Hill- “Atelier delle Rosette”


16) Ollae (pots)

17) Cup shaped ladles (kyathoi)


Northern Hill – Amphitheatre area – Archaic House

(end 7th – first half 6th c. B.C.)


18) Cup

19) Small cup with a lid

20) Fragm. of locally produced vases (Atelier delle Rosette)

21) Spindle whorls

Linear Painted pottery

22) Small cup

Architectural terracottas

23) Fragm. of roof covering plaques


24) Bow puller


Northern Hill – Unknown finding spot

Grey bucchero

25) Cup shaped ladle (kyathos) with handle decorated with a small

sculptural head

Impasto pottery

26) votive roof

27) Decorative element shaped as a ram’s head


Forum area – House with Two Rooms

(end 7th – 6th c. B.C.)

Impasto pottery

28) Olla (pot)

29) Fragm. of stove

30) Fragm. of olla (pot) with rope pattern decoration

31) Spools with impressed rope pattern decoration


32) Fragm. of cups with engraved letters

Attic red-figure pottery

33) Fragm. of amphorae


Forum area

(second half 6th c. B.C.)


34) bowl-lids

35) Cup and small cup

Northern Hill – Restoration of the city walls

(7th – 6th c. B.C.)


36) Painted roof tile