ROSELLE – Unknown finding spot

(end 9th – beginning 8th c. B. C.)

Impasto pottery

1) Biconical vase

2) Globular olla (pot) decorated with grooves


3) Fusiform spiral pendants

STERTIGNANO – Chance findings

(end 9th c. – beginning 8th c. B.C.)


4) Spear-head and spear cap

5) Spiral fragments

6) Bow brooch (fibula) with a rhomboid shape and small ring

7) Lunate razor

POGGETTI NUOVI – Chance findings

(mid 9th – first half 7th c. B.C.)

Impasto pottery

8) Spindle whorl


9) Bracelets (armilllae) with overlapping ends

10) Fusiform spiral pendants

11) Small chains and ring

12) Broaches (fibulae) of the sanguisuga and navicella types

13) Bow brooches (fibulae) with bone elements

Amber– Glass paste – Fossils

14) Beads, necklace pendant and shells


15) Spearhead

Fattoria il Terzo – Pit tomb

(second half 8th c – 7th c. B.C.)

Impasto pottery

16) Spools


17) Cup shaped ladles (kyathòi)

18) Cup


19) Double handle of small bucket (situla)

20) Forks for weaving

21) Mug handle

22) Bracelet (armilla) with overlapping ends

23) Ritual flanged axes decorated with circles

24) Broaches (fibulae) of the “sanguisuga” and “navicella” types

25) Small wheel for spindle

26) Fragm. of horse trapping

Amber – Glass paste – Bone

27) Necklace and pendant

28) Beads and covering elements of a brooch (fibula)


29) Spiral clip for plaits and pin