ROSELLE – Slopes of the Northern Hill –

Group of objects found together

Gray bucchero (first half 6th c. B.C.)

1) Jug (oinochoe) with trilobate mouth

2) Amphora

Bronze (second half 7th – beginning 6th c. B.C.)

3) Mug-rack with little chains. Production from Vetulonia

STRADA DEL SERPAIO – Earthen pit grave

(6thc. B.C.)

Impasto pottery

4,5) Ollae (pots)


6) Jug (oinochoe) with a scroll shaped mouth

7) Drinking cup (skyphos)

8,9) Calyx, cup and small dishes

10) Small cup on a short foot

11) Miniature cup and vases

Attic black pottery

12) Ointment jar (alabastron)


13) Small stud


(mid 7th – mid 5th c. B.C.)

Corinthian pottery

14) Top part of type-A Corinthian amphora

Gray and black bucchero

15) Foot of calyx and small dish

16) Drinking cup (skyphos)

17) Fragm. from calyxes, cups, small pot and spool

Impasto pottery

18) Fragm. of two olllae of different size

19) Small dishes

20) Foot from a tripod pan

21) Spindle whorls


22) Fragm. of spear head and cap

23) Fragm. of fire-dogs and spits

24) Ring with flattened oval bezel

Amber and glass paste

25) Necklace pieces


26) Brooches (fibulae), ring-shaped piece and slag

Attic red-figure pottery

27) Portion of a drinking cup (skyphos)

28) Fragm. of column Krater

29) Fragm. of a cup (kylikes)

30) Handle from a drinking cup (glaux)

Attic black-figure pottery

31) Fragm. of a drinking cup (skyphos) depicting a deer/goat

32) Body shard from a vase