ROSELLE – Unknown finding spot

Attic black-figure pottery

1) Amphora depicting Hercules who offers the

Erymanthian boar to the king Eurystheus, the scene is

drawn from the 12 Labors of Hercules (520 B.C.)

Etruscan black-figure pottery (end 6th c. B.C.)

2) Stamnoid amphora depicting: side A a dancing man;

side B a female figure. Tarquinian manufacture.

3) Amphora depicting athletes on both sides.

4) Small amphora by the Micali painter

Attic black-figure pottery

5) Eye-cup (drinking cup-kylix) depicting a satyr (530-500 B.C.)

Gray and black bucchero (6th c. B.C.)

6) Jug (oinochòe) with trilobate mouth

7) Amphora with mould decoration of a sphinx

8) Cup (kylix)

9) Small dish and bottom of a shallow bowl with navel


10) Fragm. of stamped ribbon handles

11) Handle with three-dimensional head

12) Stamped handles from a cup (kàntharos)

13) Feet and bottom from cups and cup-shaped ladles

(kyathòi) with stamped decorations.

Bronze (end 6th– 5th c. B.C.)

14) Jug handles (oinochòe)

15) Cauldron (lebete) handles with Silenus head

16) Small statue of a dancer (cimasa)

17) Votive statue of a man

18) Fragm. of a brooch (fibula) with lion head

19) Handle of a basin

20) Sanguisuga type brooch (fibula) (mid 8th c. B.C.)

Carnelian (5th c. B.C.)

21) Scarab

Iron (7th c. B.C.)

22) Bracelet (armilla)