ROSELLE – Roman forum

Painted pottery (second half 4th c. B.C.)

1) Small vase (askòs)

Impasto pottery (5th c. B.C.)

2) Unpainted pottery jug

3) Small cup

Attic black-figure pottery

(end 6th – beginning 5th c. B.C.)

4) Cup (mastòs)

5) Fragm. of cups (kylikes)

Attic red-figure pottery

(end 6th – mid 5th c. B.C.)

6) Fragm. of drinking cups (glaukes e skyphoi)

7) Fragm. of cups (kylikes)

Etruscan red-figure pottery

(first half 4th c. B.C.)

8) Fragm. of a krater

ROSELLE – Roman forum

Attic black-figure pottery (end 6th c. B.C.)

9) Fragm. of cups (kylikes)

10) Fragm. of amphora and an ointment jar (lekythos)

11) Fragm. of cup with inscription: -RSUNUS

12) Fragm. of cup with inscription: -ULU

Attic red-figure pottery

(second half 5th c. B.C.)

13) Fragm. of cups (kylikes)

14) Fragm. of drinking cup with an owl (glaux)

15) Fragm. of cup (kylix). Antiphon painter

(490 – 480 B.C.)

Etruscan black-figure pottery

16) Fragm. with inscription: MI

17) Fragm. of drinking cups (skyphoi)