ROSELLE – Northern Hill –Unknown finding spot

Silver (4th – 3rd c. B.C.)

1) Coin from Populonia with Gorgon head

Bronze (5th c. B.C.)

2) Decorative element

3) Cup

4) End-piece shaped as a lion paw

ROSELLE – Northern Hill – Amphitheatre

Painted pottery (end 6th – beginning 5th c. B.C.)

5) Fragm. of Etruscan cups

Attic red-figure pottery

(end 6th – mid 5th c. B.C.)

6) Fragm. of cup with dancer and crotalum (castanet)

7) Fragm. of cup (kylix)


8) Fragm. of small cup and dishes

Impasto pottery

9) Fragm. of small ollae (pots)

ROSELLE – Southern Hill

Attic black-figure pottery (end 6th c. B.C.)

10) Fragm. of amphorae and cups (kylikes)

Attic red-figure pottery

(second half 5th – first half 4th c. B.C.)

11) Fragm. of drinking cup (kantharoi) of the St. Valentin type

12) Fragm. of drinking cups with an owl (glaukes)

13) Fragm. of bell krater

14) Fragm. of cups (kylikes)

ROSELLE – Northern Hill – City walls

Attic red figure pottery

(first half 5th c. B.C.)

15) Fragm. of pyxis and krater

16) Fragm. of cups (kylikes)

Etruscan red figure pottery – Faliscan manufacture

(first half 4th c. B.C.)

17) Fragm. of cup (kylix) of the Sokra group

18) Fragm. of closed-shape vessels