ROSELLE – Southern Hill – Hellenistic district

Impasto pottery (3rd – 2nd c. B.C.)

1) Lid and body sherd from a vase

2) Loom weight with engraved decoration and spindle


Depurato (fine) impasto pottery (3rd – 1st c. B.C.)

3) Bowl and small plate

4) Small thin-walled pot (olletta)

5) Votive statuette

Black-glazed pottery (4th – 3rd c. B.C.)

6) Fragm. of cup depicting a duel scene.

Calenian manufacture

7) Fragm. of dishes, cups and bottle (lekythos)

8) Pot for pouring (guttus)

9) Oil lamp

Etruscan red figure pottery

10) Small dish of the Genucilia type and fragments of

of a small vase (askòs) and of cups(kylikes)

Etruscan overpainted pottery

(second half 4thc. B.C.)

11) Fragm. of cups (kylikes), drinking cups (skyphoi), jugs and small beaker

ROSELLE – Roman forum

Semidepurato (fine) impasto pottery (3rd– 2nd c. B.C.)

12) Loom weights

13) Miniature vase

Etruscan red-figure pottery

(second half 4th c. B.C.)

14) Small dish of the Genucilia type, fragm. of cups (kylikes) and closed-shape vase

Etruscan overpainted pottery

(second half 6th c. B.C.)

15) Fragm. of cups, drinking-cups (skyphoi) and bottle (lekythos)

Black glazed pottery (2nd -1st c. B.C.)

16) Fragm. of cup (pyxis) and dish

Red glazed pottery (3rd c. B.C.)

17) Fragm. of pan and of pot (small olla)

Architectural terracottas (3rd-1st c. B.C.)

18) Small female head

19) Male torso

20) Small base shaped as an altar

21) Fragm. of female winged demon (Lasa)

22) Fragm. of draped figure

23) Fragm. of a leg

24) Inscribed fragment

ROSELLE – Southern Hill – Temple terrace

Black glazed pottery (3rd – 1st c. B.C.)

25) Small dish and small cup

Impasto pottery

26) Small dish