ROSELLE – Northern Hill –City walls

Architectural Terracottas (3rd c. B.C.)

1) Small female head and antefix shaped as a male head

Etruscan red-figure pottery (4th -3rd c. B.C.)

2) Fragm. of small dish with depiction of a star (Genucilia group)

Etruscan overpainted pottery (4th -3rd c. B.C.)

3) Cup (skyphos) of the Toronto 495 group

Black glazed pottery (4thc. B.C.)

4) Fragm. of plate with inscription: …(T)URNAS

5) Dish, cups and small cups

6) Jugs with scroll-shaped mouth

7) Ring-shaped small vase (askòs)

8) Fragm. of cup with overpainted centaur


9) Tool used by athletes to scrape off sweat (strigile)


10) Apotropaic pendant


11) Projectiles (slingshots)

Impasto pottery

12) Loom weights and spindle whorls

Stone and lead

13) Fishing net weights

ROSELLE – Northern Hill – Hellenistic house

(3rd – 1st c. B.C.)

Black glazed pottery

14) Dish and fragm. of small cups, pyxis and oil lamp.

Etruscan red-figure pottery

15) Fragm. of cup (Sokra group)

Italic sigillata (red slip ware)

16) Oil lamp

17) Fragm. of handle from a jug with inscription


18) Nail and awl


19) Hinge recess

20) Lion-shaped decorative element

Impasto pottery

21) Olla (pot)

22) Fragm. of three footed baking pan and a miniature vase

23) Discoidal weight

24) Bottles (laghynoi)

25) Small mugs

26) Handle of a jug with inscription

27) Fragm. of basins

28) Jug and small dish

29) Loom weight with inscription: LAI

30) Small base shaped as an altar

ROSELLE – Slopes of the Northern Hill

Impasto pottery

31) Olla (pot)