ROSELLE – Unknown finding spot

Architectural terracottas (3rd– 2nd c. B.C.)

1) Female head

2) Fragm. of male head

3) Fragm. of antefix with female head

4) Fragm. of relief with female head

5) Fragm. of relief depicting a warrior

6) Fragm. of architectural plate

Votive terracottas (4th – 2nd c. B.C.)

7) Veiled male head

8) Female head with a diadem

9) Small togate statue

Serpentine stone (End 4th – 3rd c. B.C.)

10) Small statue of a man

Votive terracottas (4th– 2nd c. B.C.)

11) Feet

12) Hand

13) Male members

14) Uterus

15) Bovine on a base

16) Acorn

17) Small altars (arule)