ROSELLE – Strada del Serpaio –

Hellenistic necropolises – Chamber tomb 1

(end 4th– beginning 3rd c. B.C.)

Semidepurato (fine) impasto pottery

1) Jugs

2) Cups (kàntharoi)

3) Small lid and small cup

4) Small olla (pot)

Black glazed pottery

5) Drinking cup (mastòs)

6) Drinking cup (skyphos)

7) Cup (kylix) and cup foot

8) Small jugs

9) Jugs with scroll-shaped mouth

10) Thin-walled small mug

11) Cups, dish and small dishes

12) Small cups

13) Cup with engraved inscription: MI SURI CAE…

Impasto pottery

14) Depurata (fine) ware bowl

15) Small cup

ROSELLE – Strada del Serpaio –

Hellenistic necropolises – Chamber 2

(second half 4th c. – beginning 3rd c. B.C.)

Etruscan red-figure pottery

16) Bell krater. Side A: male character seated between two naked female figures with ribbons (tenie).

Side B: Bearded male figure (Dionysus?) surrounded by two female figures with a bowl (patera) and ribbons (tenie)

Semidepurato (fine) impasto pottery

17) Miniature vases

18) Spindle whorl decorated with rope pattern

19) Appliqué for handle shaped as a female head


20) Ring shaped element


21) Mirror handle and small sticks


22) Piece with back shaped as a scarab and lower face decorated with figure of Hermes wearing a beard and a pointed hat (pèthasos)