ROSELLE – Unknown finding spot

(end 4th – first half 3 c. B.C.)

Silvered pottery

1) Small jug with bilobate mouth. Volsinian production

Etruscan red-figure pottery

2) Drinking cup (skyphos). Side A: draped figure

B side: draped female figure with hair gathered in a bonnet headdress (sakkòs)

3) Bell krater. side A: winged female figure holding a small bucket (kàlathos) and Dyonisus’ staff (thyrsus).

side B : winged female figure

Etruscan black glazed pottery

4) Jugs (oinochòai) with scroll-shaped mouth

5) Cups (Atelier de petites estampilles)

6) Jugs with scroll-shaped mouth

7) Small jugs with circular mouth (small olpae)

8) Drinking cup (skyphos) with overpainted swam figure

9) Oil lamp

10) Pyxis

11) Small dishes

12) Bowl

13) Small dish with inscription: VER

14) Cups and small dishes

15) Stamped bottom and foot of a small cup with engraved inscription: LARIZA = belonging to little LARIS

Etruscan red-figure pottery

16) Symposium vase (stàmnos). On both faces:

female faces with diadem and cloak (himàtion)

17) Column krater (kelèbe)


18) Handle of baking pan with attachment shaped as a palmette

19) Jug handle

20) Foot shaped as a sphynx

21) Mirror with figure of a winged female demon (Lasa)

22) Mirror depicting the Dioscuri

23) Mirror with figure of a winged female demon (Lasa)

24) Small dishes for cosmetics and pin

25) Brooch (fibula) and ram’s shaped appliqué


26) Perfume vase (alàbastron)